Network Security And The Network

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Network security is a broad term used to refer to processes and procedures that are configured by a company’s network administrator to provide visibility and prevent denial of service, unauthorized access, modification and exploitation of the corporate network or respective resources. The resources refer to files or computer programs available on the corporate network infrastructure. The infrastructure comprise of corporate software and hardware resources that facilitate communication, connectivity, management and operations within the corporate network. (Vacca, 2014)
This infrastructure thus provides a communication path between applications, users, services, processes and external networks like the internet. Typically, a
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The network security manager can equally use intrusion detection systems and anti-virus software to prevent unauthorized access and blocking harmful viruses and malware from entering a network respectively. This paper however, does not focus on these approaches but primarily focuses on how firewalls enhance network security. A firewall is a security technology designed to avoid unauthorized access to or from a private network. Firewalls can be placed in both hardware and software, or can also be placed in both hardware and software. Firewalls are usually used to prevent unauthorized access on a network. All messages entering or leaving the network go through a firewall, the firewall analyses all the messages and then blocks the messages that do not meet the security standards. The administrator sets the security standards which packets need to meet, he/she will decide which packet is suitable to pass through the firewall. (, 2017), (Services, 2017). Once an administrator has set up a policy, it then needs to be tested to determine if the firewall has been correctly implemented.
Network security has become a major concern in the computing industry, including organizations, personal users and the military. The reason for this is due to the large number of security threats that occur on a daily basis. The internet architecture itself allows many threats to
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