Network Security And The Security

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Hospital Network Security With a multitude of changes occurring in the technology field, it is critical that hospitals maintain the highest levels of security for their internal network as well as their public access network. Hospitals contain vital information about patients, treatment styles, employees and staff, as well as pharmaceuticals that are kept on the premises. The importance of protecting this information cannot be understated and a breach in security could cause a breakdown in all areas of the network, having a catastrophic effect on the entire hospital. One of the most important aspects of network security is a strong network security model. The network security model consists of seven layers that work together to provide the strongest possible security for the network. The seven layers are the physical layer, the vlan layer, the software layer, the user layer, the administrative layer, and the IT department layer. A network security model that is well thought out and designed allows the network security team to analyze and maintain the network and determine if there has been a breach and the location of the breach. The first layer of the network security model, the physical layer, pertains to physical security. This entails the prevention of a physical attack on servers and other devices connected to the network. The physical layer is one of the most important layers of protection because if it is breached, the layers beneath it will

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