Network Security Enhancement Using Software Defined Networking Technologies

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Network Security enhancement using Software Defined Networking Technologies Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a pattern of new technologies for permitting more prominent control of how networks work. As opposed to a genuinely static network that must be controlled by exclusive merchant particular protocols, with at times restricted deceivability into the internals of layer 2 gadgets like switches, SDN considers experimentation in enhancing and arranging how the network functions. Furthermore, SDN can be controlled utilizing product server equipment, which can add to the reasonableness and expense reserve funds. The major advantage of Software Defined Networking based technologies is that it separates the data plane and control…show more content…
If it’s a large network consisting of so many networking devices, then it would be difficult to configure each and every device with these security measures as it takes a lot of time to do so. Further more, many network attacks are taking shape these days and their effects on the network are unpredictable. So if a new attack comes and if a security measure is developed against the attack, then it should be updated in each and every network device in a network, which will be a very tedious job to do. This is the current trend running in the networking environment. In our project we are implementing these security measures over SDN, as it provides a centralized controller for the network. If we just configure these security measures in the centralized controller, then the entire network, which is under the control of this particular controller, can be secured. Thus it saves a lot of time and effort. And if a new network attack comes into the network, then the security measure against this network attack can be configured inside the controller, so that it can be applied to the whole network, which is under the control of this controller instead of changing each and every networking device configuration in a network. Software Defined Networks (SDN), as we utilize this as a part of the execution of the task. Software Defined Networks is a
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