Network Security : Information Security

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Prof : Philip Fitzpatrick

Suresh Palleboina
Computer network Security is the most essential and complex topic in IT field. It is important that all user must have an awareness about computer network security. Internet is a biggest network in the world which connects all computer devices in the world. In our daily life millions of people communication each other by using internet. So it is very difficult task to protect data which is transfer through internet. So many pioneers are try to hack the information of well reputed organizations for their personal benefits.
What is Network security?
Network is an interconnection of many computer devices which is useful for flexible data transmissions and reception. Network security is the process of take care bout information resources in a universal networking (Internet) environment.
Why we need Network security?
Information security is very important to every organization. If organizations fails to maintain proper networking security measures it got losses in all aspects like software damages, Financial problems and etc.
Network Security Goals:
There are three main goals for maintaining secure networking.
1. Confidentiality
2. Integrity
3. Availability
Confidentiality is a phenomenon of operating functions in a computer is done by authorized persons only. Maintaining secrecy in the data transformation and
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