Network Security Is Becoming A Big Issue For Many Companies

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With technology evolving as rapidly as it is, network security is becoming a big issue for many companies. Publicly sharing information on cloud networks and other platforms are making for convenient but very vulnerable systems. So the leading tech companies really need to devote more resources into their security teams and fight back against the hacking attacks. The “Lizard Squad” and any other hacking group are constantly learning new ways to hack into a company’s security system; companies like Sony and Microsoft need to staff their security team with people who know and learn the world of hacking perhaps more than the hackers themselves. Good security team will be proactively searching for holes in the security system and address them…show more content…
(Whitman and Mattord, pg 88). In other words, it occurs when thousands of computers continually bombard the same server, or group of servers, to intentionally overtax it. Since the Lizard Squad is a fairly new hacking organization, there are still little we know about them. Recently two of its members have been arrested, 22 year old Vinnie Omari, and 17 year old Julius Kivimaki. According to the Daily Dot reports, on December 29, 2014, police raided Omari’s home. “He was arrested on suspicion of fraud by false representation and Computer Misuse Act offences” stated Thames Valley Police Department. However currently he is out on bail until his hearing. Juliius Kivimaki, who goes by the alias name “Ryan” also got arrested. However since being a minor, there was little information about his arrest. However unlike Omari, Kivimaki remains in Jail till this day. Kivimaki even had an interview with Sky News, and explained to them that they have at least 15 members who all go by alias name such as dragon or Chameleon, and that there is a great variation in age, youngest member being only 13. Besides the famous notorious attack on Sony and Microsoft conducted by the Lizard Squad, they have attacked other various companies such as and even launched an attack on North Korea. On August 18, 2014 servers of the game League of Legends, where taken offline with a DDoS attack; this was claimed as Lizard Squad’s
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