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ABSTRACT : This paper describes the basic threats to the network security and the basic issues of interest for designing a secure network. it describes the important aspects of network security. A secure network is one which is free of unauthorized entries and hackers INTRODUCTION Over the past few years, Internet-enabled business, or e-business, has drastically improved efficiency and revenue growth. E-business applications such as e-commerce, supply-chain management, and remote access allow companies to streamline processes, lower operating costs, and increase customer satisfaction. Such applications require mission-critical networks that accommodate voice, video, and data traffic, and these networks must be scalable to…show more content…
Each module can be treated separately and assigned a different security model. The goal is to have layers of security so that a "successful" intruder's access is constrained to a limited part of the network. Just as the bulkhead design in a ship can contain a leak so that the entire ship does not sink, the layered security design limits the damage a security breach has on the health of the entire network. In addition, the architecture should define common security services to be implemented across the network. Typical services include: • Password authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) • Confidentiality provided by virtual private networks (VPNs) • Access (trust model) • Security monitoring by intrusion detection systems (IDSs) After the key decisions have been made, the security architecture should be deployed in a phased format, addressing the most critical areas first. Security Technologies To ensure the most comprehensive level of protection possible, every network should include security components that address the following five aspects of network security. Identity Identity is the accurate and positive identification of network users, hosts, applications, services and resources. Identity mechanisms are important because they ensure that authorized users gain access to the enterprise computing resources they need, while unauthorized users are denied access. Perimeter Security Perimeter security

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