Network Security Policies And Standards Essay

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The current report will discuss the network security policies and standards in today’s I.T. infrastructure. It will also contain the algorithms and techniques that a company should embrace in order to protect their intellectual information and ownership. This paper will give an understanding on how one can breach the e-voting system and how an organisation can safeguard this interruption by evaluating the network and recommending best practice on high standard security systems and employing network security policies.


Security is necessarily about guarding assets. Assets for instance are tangible things like functions or the client 's database or it might be less tangible, like your company’s goodwill.
It is vital to identify that security is a pathway, not a harbour. As you evaluate your infrastructure and applications, you recognize hidden threats and learn that every threat represents an amount of risk.

Security is all regarding management of risk and carrying out powerful counteracting techniques. One of the most critical concepts in security is that effective security is a mixture of people, method and technology. Basic concepts in network security, including recognition of common accountability and threats, moderation strategies. Application
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