Network Security Policy : A Staple Of Communication And Research At Edu Corp Essay

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Network Security Policy
1. Overview
As a staple of communication and research at Edu Corp, computer-based networks play a critical role in the day-to-day operations of the company. With the ongoing concern regarding network security, Edu Corp has established a comprehensive, detailed policy in order to protect our digital assets, but most importantly, our employees and customers. Since 2014, nearly thirty major companies have been victims of cyber-based attacks, resulting in millions of dollars in losses (Walters, 2015). At Edu Corp, we strive to implement cutting-edge, proactive security solutions to our various networks. In order to provide maximum safety and privacy to our employees and customers, Edu Corp enforces the security of internal networks and cloud-based devices, requires the development of strong passwords for all accounts, encrypts all company-based internet access, including wireless access, encrypts all company data and digital assets, routinely updates and re-configures company applications, upholds strict web-browsing rules, secures all remote-based network access to the fullest extent possible, and adheres to stringent external storage regulations.
With company networks a common target for cyber-based attacks, threats to all companies, both large and small, are on the rise (MacDonald, 2016). Edu Corp continuously analyzes and deploys appropriate security measures to the company’s various networks. By adhering to Edu Corp’s Network Security Policy,
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