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Joe Bailey ITS-2120 Network Security Proposal Introduction Fixem Orthopedic Therapy is a physical therapy facility that treats people who are recovering from various musculoskeletal surgeries. The company is based in Southern Maryland and consists of three separate offices: one in Brandywine, one in Indian Head, and an office that was recently built in Waldorf. These offices connect to each other through WAN links, and they are also capable of connecting to local doctors’ offices which allows patient records to be easily sent from a patient’s doctor to the facility that needs them. Fixem Orthopedic must ensure that only authorized individuals, mainly the receptionists and physical therapists, can have access to these sensitive records.…show more content…
The firewalls also have intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) that will alert the administrator of attacks as well as try to stop the attacks from being successful. In order for these firewalls to be truly effective, the software and virus signature files must be updated as soon as new updates become available. To ease administration, the network administrator may want to set up automatic updates on the firewall. The next step will be to install antivirus software on all workstations and servers. I recommend the Norton 360 antivirus suite, because it can detect and protect against many different types of malware including viruses, spyware, phishing attempts, and botnets. It can also scan emails as well as block emails it considers spam (Norton 360). As with the firewalls, this software should be updated as often as soon as new updates are available. If any intrusions manage to get through the firewall or antivirus software, the network administrator must be notified immediately. He or she must then immediately notify Fixem Orthopedic’s CEO. Security awareness training should be conducted as part of an employee’s hiring process and should be enforced periodically through the use of newsletters, emails, training videos, etc. to help employees understand the dangers of having an unsecured network. An effective password policy is vital in helping protect employee accounts from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

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