Network Security: Role of the Network Administrator

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Introduction Data which are kept by a company are vital and its protection should be a priority to networking administrator or network engineering. The company network can be invaded by both internal and external attack. It's estimated that up to 80% of all attacks against IT systems originates from the internal network, and are carried out by trusted fellow employee, deliberately to harm the company or the company employees Therefore, network security can be defined as the process in which digital information are protected against any attacked (IATA, 2011). The potential malicious and attack which are likely to invade the company's network are data modification or manipulation, eavesdropping, sniffer attack, Virus, Worm, Trajan, password attack, a dictionary attack, brute force attack, IP address spoofing/IP spoofing/identity spoofing and denial of Service. These attacks are unique in the way which they invade the network for example sniffer attack captures and analyzes the network traffic of the organization. It monitors network information such as passwords and valuable customer information. A hacker can use such information to access finances of a client and the company's server and download or delete games from the server (Will Spencer, 2012). The network is likely to be attacked by eavesdropper because of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system installed and being used by the company. Someone might have an intention to listen or monitor network traffic
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