Network Speed - 4G Technologies Essay

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Overview [WINNIE] As the technology world evolves and develops faster and better every day, it puts new demands of speed and throughput on the network that supports it. Today especially, we live in a world where everyone is mobile, and it is expected that mobile networks keep pace with the innovations in technology. The successor of 2G and 3G mobile network standard is the 4G mobile network standard. The emergence of 4G, nonetheless, should provide faster and better mobile network connectivity to support the newer and ever more demanding technologies born every day. The emergence of 4G mobile network technology is aimed at offering higher data speeds and the ability to roam across multiple heterogeneous wireless networks for the…show more content…
Due to the convergence evolution, it is expected that the trend of progressive information technologies will focus more on mobile and widespread media convergence and new services to come.[3] Broadband Services [WINNIE] As the basis for enabling multimedia communication, broadband services naturally calls for media convergence that will be based on packet transport to promote the integration of various media on different behaviors. A lead to a demand for similar services in mobile communication environment is expected to increase with the growth in broadband services like cable, DSL, optical fiber access systems and office or home LANs. 4G service application characteristics will likely enable broadband service to be low cost, high coverage of wide area, and wide variety of service capabilities. [4] Interactive BCN (All-IP) with Home Networking, Telemetric, Sensor-Network Services [WINNIE] The evolution of an All-IP network is inevitable with the technologies now becoming more collaborative and indispensible. An ALL-IP unified network converged services, providing the next-generation telecommunications network solutions will transform, covering fixed, mobile and IP communications network transformation through active access defines broadband convergence and hence IP multimedia services becoming the major trend in the wired and wireless network. The main idea is to have the broadband
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