Network Support For Computer Network Security Problems Essay

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Network Support For Computer Network Security Problems
By Daniel A Hughes | Submitted On September 12, 2011

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Expert Author Daniel A Hughes
Computer networking was invented to make the computers communicate with each other. Communication between computers is faster and easier than any other mode of communication. In addition to providing faster communication, computer networking empowered the computer users to to access remote programs and databases. Apart from these plus points, there are several other benefits of computer networks. Computer networking reduces the business process expenditure by making hardware and software resources remotely accessible and by downsizing to microcomputer-based networks instead of using mainframes. Accumulating data from multiple resources has become effortless process, which also ensures the reliability of the information.

Definition Of Computer Network

A computer network is defined as an interconnected system in which computers are interlinked to each other for communication purpose so that resources and information could be accessed by all connected nodes.

Menace to Computer Networks

Computer hacking poses a
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