Network Topologies And The Network

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Introduction Network Topology is how computers, printers, and other devices are connected over a network (“Guide to Network Topology”, 2015”). The word topology means shape and the term network topology refers to the shape of a network (“Guide to Network Topology”, 2015). Network topologies refer not only to the physical layout of the devices connected but how the devices communicate to each other (“Tomsho, Tiffel & Johnson, 2004, pg 48”). There are several different topologies and the choice of a topology is determined by how the network works. The network cabling system carries all the data from one point to another and the design is determined by how the network should function, the reliability and how accessible the network should…show more content…
It is used from one end of the network to the other with different network devices called nodes. Bus topologies are commonly used on LAN networks because they are inexpensive and easily install. In today’s business society, bus topologies are not commonly used and in the past years 10Base2 Ethernet, Thin Ethernet and 10Base5 are examples of LAN technology that uses bus topology. The structure of bus topologies is where nodes are connected to a central cable called a bus where messages are sent by a nodes and travels along the bus through all other nodes (“Guide to Networking, 2015”). Bus topology networks use coaxial cables and at the end of each network segment there is a terminator (“Hallberg,2014, pg 39”), The terminator is important for a bus topology to function properly, without a terminator the data will bounce from end to end causing a signal bounce (“Guide to Networking, 2015”). Bus topologies are not commonly used today but were easily installed and used less cable than other topologies. Bus topologies work best with least number of devices. Bus topology does not handle heavy traffic well, therefore; if more than dozen computers are added you will mostly see performance issues. Although bus topologies are has the advantage of being the least expensive and user friendly, they do have their drawbacks. Some disadvantages of bus topologies are the network is easily to be disruptive. To add or remove a computer the network has to be completed shut
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