Network Virtualization, Data Centres And Performance Of Internal Network

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1. Introduction 1.1. Project Background This section will explain the background of network virtualization, data centres and performance of internal network I/O. The paper compares and analyses, the similarities and differences of software based switch and physical switch. We also try to compares the switching methods used by the two switches. Network Virtualization Network virtualization can be explained as a network environment in which multiple virtual networks coexist in the same physical device. A virtual network is a collection of network enabled virtual devices and virtual links. Network virtualisation segregate the existing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) into two separate entities. Infrastructure Providers (InPs);…show more content…
Since VLANS are secluded entities they provide high level trust and security, as well as time and cost effective network management (IEEE, 2011) (Chowdhury & Boutaba, 2010). VPN is a dedicated communication between multiple geographically separated sites. VPNs belong to a family of overlay networks that use IP tunnels to form a virtual network on top of the Internet. These tunnels use cryptographic techniques to provide robust security and privacy. To a remote user, VPN provides all the benefits of a private network, while corporations benefit from the low operational costs, high security, and instant global coverage offered by it. Virtual private networks have gained immense popularity among commercial and defence organizations because of their capability to provide secure connectivity at lower costs. The Internet is considered the cornerstone of connectivity for organizations to expand their operations and increase revenues. As organisations grow, different methods must be employed to provide secure and efficient connectivity among geographically distributed branch offices, strategic partners, and mobile/telecommuting employees. Although several technologies exist, most recently Internet-based virtual private net- works (VPNs) have evolved as the most secure and cost-effective means of
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