Network of People in the Film Industry Essay example

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Network of people in the film industry
The film industry, unlike the music industry or the art world, consists of simultaneously literary, visual and audio elements. As a result, the film industry is a complex industry with talents from more diverse fields involved. According to a web page, Film Jobs Hierarchy (2013), the production of a film normally consist of four phases, namely development, pre production, production and post production, and an additional phase of distribution. Each involves different parties. This essay will analyze the networks of cooperation among these parties in different phases.

In the development phase, the goals to be achieved are the finalization of the script and the acquisition of financial support. The
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Another dominant character is the director. Since parties of different talents may have contradictory aspirations, the coordination of the team and resolution of conflicts are of utmost importance. To achieve these, the director, who is normally the highest authority in the creative side of the filmmaking hierarchy, supervises and coordinates the initial work of sub-directors and makes final decisions, which greatly influence the creative directions of these sub-directors. Division of sub-directors is varied in projects, but generally includes art director, casting director, director of audiography and director of photography. The art director is in charge of the costume artists and storyboard designers, the casting director is in charge of the execution of casting procedures, the director of audiography is in charge of the audiographers and co-work with the music director, and director of photography is in charge of the camera crews, for example lighting technicians and camera men. Their interaction with their subordinates are more of a top-down relation, thus they play a decisive role in determining the work of these technical personnel. Reversely, the level of these technicians mark out the practical space available for these sub directors and ultimately, the director to meet their aesthetic ideals, as the realization of such ideals is skill-dependent.

The following is the
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