Networked Economies And Crime.

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Networked Economies and Crime Litonja White Kentucky State University Networked Economies and Crime Introduction Over the past few years, human societies all over the world have established some increasingly close contacts. The pace at which global integration has been taking place over the past few years has increased dramatically. There have been many unprecedented changes in transportation, computer technology and communications and these have made the world an interdependent global community. Many multinational companies make their products and market them all over the world. Raw materials, technology and money now move faster than ever across borders. Cultures and ideas are also exchanged freely across borders. This has led to the formation of social movements at international levels. This has led to countries having what can be described as networked economy. The networked economy has also faced several challenges such as crime and organized for that manner. Organized crime in the internet is a menace for Networked economies. Organized crime is a local or national consortium of well a structured centralized system of enterprise that is controlled by criminals whose purpose is engaging in particular illegal activities or more likely, for the purposes of monetary profits. In the corridors of crime syndicate, there exist two major different types of organizations that are namely the patron-client and the bureaucratic organizations (McIllwain, 2005).
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