Networking And Communication Methods For Securing Job, And Improving Career Advancement

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This paper addresses the overall benefits that gained from attending an online seminar. To gain the necessary skills, and experience and to accomplish a given task or personal obligation through online technology, it is important getting exposure before things come in front. Taking the opportunity given to write the final course deliverable, the paper discusses the detail information pertaining the necessary takeaway skills and experience gained as well as the difficulties during the entire seminar period. The paper also attempted to relate the experiences gained during the class sessions and provides some examples in relative to the seminar. Webinar, Seminar: The Networking and Communication Methods in Securing Job, and…show more content…
The intention of this paper is not to address the information related to the webinar. Using the webinar, seminar as one of the networking and communication tools, the participant’s benefits for future success in securing a job, and advancing a career is the aim of the discussion in this paper. Even though participating on a web-based (webinar) seminar is entirely a new environment for me, I decide to register for one of the very few free of charge webinar, seminars that related to the healthcare organization. After I had searched for a couple days, I found this website ( and registered for the free enter as a guest and had gotten participant passcode. Beginning from the date I registered for the seminar, I worked on adjusting my time in order to not make conflict. I started to see the webinar required software and tools, especially for audio presentation. Through my research and time arrangement for the seminar, I found two conflicts that may impact attending the webinar. One was the webinar live time set in the Eastern Time and I needed to convert to the Mountain Time. Calculating this also need to google and adjust to the current Denver time. When I did time conversion (the seminar start time 12:00 MT), I realized the second conflict, the time was the punctual time for preparing my kids for a
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