Networking Architecture

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Network technology has come forward as an important component of IT infrastructure. Within the healthcare industry, the value of an efficient and stable network is immeasurable. The challenge in most industries, especially healthcare, is address security concerns and the rights of the patience. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital, located in the City of Kelsey, is a fully function hospital servicing the local area since 1975. Recently, The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital expressed the desire to design an upgrade to the current network architecture. This design will include upgrades to hardware components and software components. This proposal will discuss and summarize the current network structure, propose…show more content…
The devices available to Patton are routers, switches, and a gateway. However, for the most effective transfer and to maintain the speed necessary, Patton should use Virtual LAN (VLAN) with multi-switches. Switching devices are best because they transfer data without altering as it moves across networks. One of the most critical, but often overlooked aspects of securing this data is the physical security of the hardware and equipment which stores the data. Data security concerns are paramount in a hospital setting as much of the information is private and protected by federal privacy protection laws written for the sole purpose of protecting client or patient rights to the protection of the information regarding their health, treatment, and medications. Every server area as well as the network access points must be monitored by personnel to ensure that only those who should have access to the data are able to gain access to the physical point of connection or into the NOC (Network Operation Center) itself. Physical access points throughout the wired and wireless network need to be audited and turned off when not in use. Varied levels of access to each data access point should be appropriate for the needs of that specific terminal or network address. By closely monitoring the levels of data in which each access point or user has the ability to view, one immediately closes most
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