Networking Standards ( Osi Layers )

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CIS 125-M01: Network Concepts

Networking Standards (OSI Layers)

Joel Hernandez Vasquez


Nowadays everybody can get access to the internet through networks, but according to Columbia University over the 37% of people do not know what a network is. A network is a group of computers which are connected to share information, files, and performs tasks. A network is built using the same common language. My purpose of this project is to explain what a network is, and let you know how important is to know it. The next paragraphs will explain the introduction of networking, the disadvantages of networking, and the disadvantages. A network is a group of computer or electronic devices connected together in order to share and distribute information. The computers or electronic devices are connected to networks in many ways, such as wireless connection, wired connection, and Wi-Fi. There are many differences types of networks for example, Local area network, Wide area network, Metropolitan area network, and Personal area network. Also, a network has a topology which describes how a network is physically connected. There are many topologies for example bus, star, and ring topology. There are many types of networks for multiple purposes ,such as Local area network, Wide area network, Metropolitan area network , and personal area network (PAN). A Local area network is a type of network that is used in small areas. This network is very…
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