Networking and Personal Data

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The introduction of networking has led to development of ever changing technologies beyond our imagination. One has to be sound and up to date with these technologies to keep up with constantly evolving and dynamic world. In the process, we forget the importance of privacy of our personal data. The thick line between public and private has blurred in the past decade. Imagine the era of Adam and Eve; even they were not spared for their personal secrets of life; then, how can we imagine things to be different in the current scenario? Personal data is an integral part of any decision making process such as a loan application, driving license or a job application. Most of our personal data is readily available from various social networking sites or linked with our email accounts. Some of these data are readily available while others can be hacked into. Even the government institutions follow the same approach while investigating the individuals, be it at the airports or for any other investigation. All this is done without asserting the correctness of the data which makes us handicapped. Following the same reason, Facebook acquired – a website which does facial recognitions of the photos on the public platform., in February 2011, had discovered a database of 18 billion faces across its API and other social networking sites. Existence of such everlasting digital data denies us the freedom in having autonomy over our lives. By agreeing to the terms and
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