Networking and Privacy in the Changing World

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The world is changing very fast. With the introduction of networking the speed with which the technology is changing is beyond imagination. One has to be very smart and keep updating himself to keep pace with the changing world. Most of the time we are not even aware of how and what all is changing around us. Most people just keep imagining things to acquire and attain knowledge that may be useful to them at a later stage. While doing so we don’t even realize or imagine what all we are loosing. The most important thing we are losing is privacy of our personal information. All the info about each individual is available on the net these days. Where is the secret of our personal life? Imagine the era of Adam and Eve; even they were not spared for their personal secrets of life at that age. As a result we can’t even imagine the state of affairs in today’s life. More so personal data these days have become so important that for all types of decision making the same is being utilized. Say for getting a loan, a license or for that matter a job, the personal and professional information of the individual for checking the reputation is from the info available on the net. The government so makes use of the same while investigating the individuals, be it at the airports or for any other investigations that they may have. All this is being done without ascertaining the correctness of the data about the individual that is available on the net. As a result we are all virtually

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