Networks And Standards Of Network

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Networks and Standards

In this piece of work I will talk about different network types, topologies, architectures and specify the standards and protocols often related to them. Furthermore I will discuss network hardware and software required by a PC to join a network and access shared resources. Finally, I will look into different network services provided by the networks and the Internet.
Network Types
Personal are network
PAN is a computer network which is there to communicate with other computerised networks. This will include things like telephones and personal assistants. PAN is something that can also be used for communicating between the personal devices themselves or even connecting to a level higher than that. It is also a wireless network technology which is carried over with such things like a wireless USB or even Bluetooth. Local Area Network
A local area network is something that can be connected to a computer and also devices in such a limited area, some examples of this would be places like at home and school. Users that is able to have access to the network can file share only as it protected by a password. The LAN is important for sharing resources that include files, printers and even games. The most common LAN is in my classroom network and my home network. LANs could be wired, wireless and a mixture of the two. The most common protocols related to wired LANs is the Ethernet (802.3) and wireless networks are usually linked to Wi-Fi (802.11) standard.
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