Networks Before The Cloud Of Cloud Computing

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Networks before the Cloud
Cloud computing is the practice of using remote storage for applications and data. The idea itself is not a new one; it has been in use for many years albeit under different names. In the earliest days of the computer age machines had to be physically large to contain the hardware required to do their jobs. It was impractical and prohibitively expensive to provide one of these mainframes for individual users; not to mention for what they were used for, unnecessary. Instead, one central computer was wired to several terminals that users could interface with. Typically, only large organizations such as, major corporations or government agencies could afford one of these machines or had need of one. This was the birth of cloud computing. Until the early 1980s this system was typical for any organization requiring large amounts of processing power. It was considered unnecessary and difficult to put the nuts and bolts of applications onto users’ desktop machines. Rather, by keeping applications in a central location, they could be managed and updated more easily and large amounts of storage space and processing power were not needed on desktop machines. Indeed, before this time there were no desktop machines mass produced that could achieve this level of power. This was about to change.
“Moore’s law is the observation that, over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit has doubled approximately every…
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