Neuman Systems Model : The Nursing Concept Of The Nursing Interventions

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client system (the person, the family and the community) in maintaining the optimal level of well-being through the nursing interventions. Although, the nurse and the client work cooperatively towards achieving the client system’s stability and an optimal level of wellness, the nurse’s perception of the client’s health influences the plan of nursing care. The System Model’s main intervention is prevention, which carried out on three levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. Summarizing the key points of the Neuman Systems Model’s definition of concept of the nursing paradigm, it is important to highlight the complexity of the model. Neuman’s concepts definition is best fit in the totality paradigm - the person is viewed as a sum of physiological, psychological, sociocultural, developmental and spiritual variables in the constant interaction with the environment in order to maintain balance. The person’s health or illness is defined by the societal norms; therefore, the nurse has the leading role in determining the interventions and the course of the nursing care. The act of nursing in the Neuman’s model mainly focuses on the health promotion, disease prevention and treatments. Comparison of My Concept Definition to Author’s Comparing my own definition of the concepts of the nursing paradigm to these of Betty Neuman’s, it is obvious that we both see the person as a whole individual. Although, for me the wholeness of the person means, beside assessment of the physical, mental,
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