Neuman's Model : Role Transition For The RN

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Comparison Assignment
Elsa Carmen Harmon
California State University – San Marcos
NURS350 Role Transition for the RN
Dr Patricia Hinchberger
September 24, 2017 Comparison Assignment
Nursing models and theories form the basis for planning patient care. Nursing models form the theoretical framework for nursing by guiding nurses in decision-making through all the stages of the nursing process. Nurses select specific nursing models for particular patients based on patient preference and expected patient outcomes. The use of nursing models also ensures that professional, ethical and legal standards are maintained. The purpose of the paper is to compare Neuman’s model to Roy’s adaptation model. Neuman’s model utilizes systems theory by ensuring patient stability through reducing the impact of environmental stimuli and stressors, Hood (2014, p. 131). Neuman’s model outlines four key components that summarizes the relationship between human beings and the environmental stressors. The four key components are; central core, flexible lines of defense, normal lines of defense and lines of resistance. According to Hood (2014, p. 131), Neuman’s model defines clients as “individuals, families, groups or communities who interact with a constantly changing environment”. The model recognizes that humans are sociocultural, physiologic, psychological, spiritual and developmental beings. The aim of Neuman’s model is stress reduction with an aim on health restoration. On the other

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