Neural Computational And Neural Computation

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Attempting to understand the mind and its processes can be a challenging concept to try and grasp. Over the years there have been many different interpretations of how we understand the world around us through information and processing in the mind and brain. Argumentatively, there are a few approaches to neural computational and neural information processing to the mind and brain, such as through biophysical and algorithmic neural computation. While, the transition from biophysical neural computational processing to algorithmic neural computational processing have different processes they are both an important aspect in understanding the process from information gathered from the world to neural computation in the mind and brain. The biophysical aspect of neural computation is a complicated piece that is still being researched and uncovered today. However, at a rudimentary level information processing is where biophysical neural computation begins. Information processing is a type of processing that occurs within the brain so that natural information, or causal correlation, can be processed into neural summation, which eventually leads to neural computation. When we perceive something in the world we make biophysical connections within our brain so that we can comprehend what we see or hear in the world. During this biophysical neural computation, information processing goes through the process of neural summation, which is a method of signal transduction. During this

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