Neurobiology Personal Statement Examples

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Since my academic interests and strengths involve the mathematical and scientific topics, I had the voluntary impetus to pursue them at UC Irvine with all of my effort and determination. My favorite undergraduate courses were the Organic Chemistry 51A-C series, which taught me the skills of applying theoretical reactions into a lab setting as well as the significance of working through numerous application problems rather than simply memorizing content. The professor stressed that higher-performing students tend to study earlier, not necessarily more and I abide by that statement. Spring quarter of my third year, was when I decided to concentrate in neurobiology and highlight my patient interaction skills at UCI Medical Center. As a result,…show more content…
I had my Calculus final on a Saturday and received an excellent score. However, my happiness turned to sadness when I was told the news that my uncle had passed away in a vehicle accident due to a traumatic head injury. Consequently, my performance on the final exam for my core Biological science course was compromised. Fortunately, this obstacle did not obscure my anticipated plans. Rather, the adverse experience inspired me to focus even harder on my future. The news of the closed head injury due to rapid deceleration killing my uncle coupled with my participation in Dr. Guzowski's Learning and Memory Lab offered me a unique perspective towards neurobiology and its…show more content…
My first "Track Day" at the Auto Club Speedway was in June. It was a great experience since I had the ability to check all the technical components of my car before driving it on the track. I drove for a bit at the track, but got caught up in observing the more experienced and professional drivers pushing their cars to the limits. Experienced track drivers gave me tips on how to take the corners quickly: braking point, turn-in point, apex, as well as analyze the position and direction of the next corner. After that day, not only did I learn how much brakes and tires wear, but I acknowledged the importance of checking the essential components of one's vehicle and ensuring its safe driving condition. This is similar as when one checks a patient's physiology before surgery
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