Neuroenhancing Drugs

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Brain drugs
When it comes to neuroenhancement, the ethics are about as fuzzy as the science behind them. In a modern world of busy schedules and busier lives, people are turning to neuro-enhancing drugs to gain a competitive edge. In “From Brain Gain: The Underground World of “Neuroenhancing” Drugs,” Margaret Talbot examines that most students use Neuroenhancing drugs to do better than they would have otherwise in their classes.
Drug abuse among college students in the education system is becoming more common due to excessive tasks they have in everyday life. Talbot examines that according to McCabe’s research team, white male undergraduates at competitive schools are the most frequent users of neuroenhancers, Users are most likely in school with a GPA of 3.0 or lower and in their twenty’s. Students while using neuroenhancers writing papers are very verbose
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Neuroenhancers are not difficult to obtain either with a prescription written by a physician, or from a family member that has been diagnosed with ADHD, or a form of mental- health issues.Seltzer comes to explore the idea that for some people it is important to enhance their mood so they go on to take antidepressants but for people like him it is important to enhance the brain so they take neuroenhancers. If people are properly informed about the risks and benefits of neuroenhancers, they can make an informed decision on whether to take them or not. Even though Drugs such as Adderall can cause nervousness, headaches, sleepless nights and decreased appetite, most people are being realistic about the effect of the drugs not to try and be the best but to simply aim to do better than they would otherwise not taking the neuroenhancers. Talbot comes to culminate that people who abuse the drug believe the pills are some sort of magical “smart drug” that have no side effects on the human
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