Neurons: The Basic Elements of Behavior

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Neurons: The Basic Elements of Behavior The very reason that neurons are regarded as the basic element of behavior is the fact that first neurons are responsible for conducting the action potential leading to precise muscular activity and secondly they are responsible for our behavior as well. They are basically involved with everything we do throughout the day like move, think, remember, and experience emotion. There is something within the human body that is involved in billions of impulses that travels throughout the body every day. They are called neurons. Neuron is the key to understand the basic of this intricate human behavior. Besides being responsible in accomplishing our daily activities, neurons are also the reason why we behave the way we do? They enable us to move, think, remember, and experience emotion, all very important components of human behavior (Feldman, 2009, p. 114). Consequently, in order to understand and comprehend the fundamentals of human behavior we should first understand the structure and the functions of a neuron, the basics of how they operate within the body. Neurons are defined as the basic unit of the nervous system; it contains all the organelles that a normal eukaryotic cell is made up of. For instance, a nucleus containing all the genetically important information, a cell membrane, the power house: mitochondria. Neurons are held in place by special types of cells called the glial cells. The one difference between a neuron and the
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