Neurons: the Basic Elements of Behavior

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Elements 1 Neurons: The Basic Elements of Behavior Introduction to Psychology 101 Elements 2 The Basic Elements of Behavior The human body is a tremendous creation that is quite capable of performing a multitude of multifaceted movements and thoughts. In addition to its’ ability to move and think, the human body also allows numerous senses to become involved throughout ones daily routine. A person’s ability to think, remember, and experience emotion are all results of the body’s basic elements of behavior. Although the basic elements of behavior are indeed a very complicated system, one must identify the different elements and discuss how they unite to form a very distinctive and efficient system. The body’s…show more content…
The action potential happens when the electrical impulses shoots through the neuron and causes the neuron to fire. This Elements 4 action causes the charge in the neuron to change from the negative passive to the positive firing state (Feldman, 2009, p.63). The velocity at which the neuron fires the message or impulse depends on the concentration level of the stimulus. As explained in the text, “when a nerve impulse comes to the end of the axon and reaches a terminal button, a chemical courier called a neurotransmitter is released (Feldman, 2009, p.65). For successful communication to happen between the neurotransmitter and the neuron, they must fit together perfectly. When a miscommunication happens, the chemical message is either excitatory or inhibitory. The difference between the two deliveries are that the excitatory increases the chances of the neuron to fire and the inhibitory decreases the action potential. Reuptake allows the misfires to get cleaned up and avoids the clogging up of the impulse highway of the neurons. Moreover, the neurotransmitters are an extremely important connection to properly maintain and control the brain and body functions. The human body contains several kinds of neurotransmitters and the concentrations of the chemicals are an important part so that body functions and behaviors can be understood. Being able to know the
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