Nevada Is Not The Typical Lawyer

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While Papantonio was able to predict a few quality of Nevada based on his research, Nevada is not the typical lawyer. Papantonio sent out his survey to hundreds of lawyers and his data was based on people who practiced in the 1990s, naturally some things that he predicted would be incorrect. It’s also worth noting that it’s implausible that a lawyer would match the study in every category anyway. On average Nevada is a better attorney than his colleagues. Unlike the typical attorney Nevada did take time off for vacation. Another characteristic that Nevada doesn’t share with the average lawyer written by the scholars is that he handles far more cases on a yearly basis. A stated similarity is the negative attitude toward the field but this…show more content…
Clients have respect for Nevada’s work because it helps them to resolve fears that they could have developed thinking about their mortality. Client are appreciative that concerns are met and that Nevada has taken the time to explain every step. The week before I arrived to work at the firm Nevada had taken a week-long vacation but, that behavior was seen as rare within the confines’ of the book. Papantonio accounted that between 20 and 26% of lawyers demand 5 to 4 weeks respectfully of vacation (Papantonio, 1995). He proceeds to state that only 8% took 5 weeks off and 16% took 4 weeks off (Papantonio, 1995). Lawyers are by their very nature workaholics and they will refuse to take time off but, Nevada was not constrained to that style of thinking. He took time off to travel and relax which in turn mitigated is potential to burnout. The fact that most lawyers work 250 hours or more a month should equate that they need to take time off from time to time but, most lawyers ultimately refuse to. Papantonio accounts in his survey that 41.1 % of survey recipients can’t relax (Papantonio, 1995). As against his time during the internship, Nevada was refreshed and motivated to try new ideas. A vacation every once and while seems to be a necessity to prevent burning out. Once he returned from his

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