Never Cry Wolf Essay

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Never Cry Wolf For years, wolves have been falsely accused for crimes in stories, myths, and life. In Never Cry Wolf, author Farley Mowat demonstrates how even though wolves are mistakenly stereotyped as evil; people don’t know anything without evidence. Farley Mowat takes a trip to Churchill, Canada, to study Arctic wolves for the Canadian Wildlife Service. He is studying the Arctic wolves because he needs to prove that the wolves are killing all the migrating caribou. During the entire book, he witnesses and experiences, new journeys about wolves and Eskimos, throughout his time in the tundra. Mowat learns over time, how wolves are mischaracterized from who they…show more content…
When given the task to study the wolves, Mowat is given a packet about their traits. “The wolf is a savage, powerful killer. It is one of the most feared and hated animals known to man, and with excellent reason” (Mowat 60). Everyone in the Canadian territory believes that wolves are deadly creatures, yet they don’t have a specific reason why. People start to believe things because someone says something that seems realistic. Mowat was suspicious about the reasons, but realized they were unnecessary. Mowat’s mind is set that wolves are vicious and people need to keep a safe distance. Over time, learning more facts about the unknown, it changes people’s viewpoints about the world in which they live in. As time passed in the tundra of Churchill, Mowat is then experience with new adventures about learning more and more about the “killer” animals. After unloading into the cabin and viewing the wolves from afar. He begins to think with a new aspect about the wolves. “I has made my decision that, from this hour onward, I would go open-minded into the lupine world and learn to see and know the wolves, not for what they were supposed to be, but for what they actually were” (Mowat 77). Mowat is recognizing the stereotype and wants to disregard all the beliefs. He wants to view the wolves with an Wong 3 open mind and not what other people’s assumptions rely on. Not only is his mind telling him
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