Never Events

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Never Event

Oluwatosin Eleyinafe

HSA 268
Professor Garcia

November 22, 2012

Healthcare facilities are very active institutions. Each part must be functioning correctly, from delivery systems and issues of Managed Care and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), to the National Quality Forum (NQF). These different parts of healthcare facilities are constantly dealing with many different situations that arise. Sometimes circumstances that should not take place occur. These types of circumstances are known as Never Events. As these events rise in number, the safety of patients is decreased; this forces the healthcare facility to find new and improved ways to ensure the safety of patients and reduce medical errors.
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It is important that their knowledge of these events is raised so that in the unfortunate event of their falling victim to such an occurrence, they know exactly what type of action to take. The increased awareness of patients leads to two problems that healthcare organizations must face. The first problem: the patients’ trust and engagement of these never events would never have came about if it were not for the negative publicity that comes from such an event happening. If a never event either happens to a patient or in a hospital that the patient goes to, then that patient would have less trust towards the healthcare facility overall. The one thing that healthcare organizations need is their patients’ trust. The second problem: insurers are beginning to hold healthcare facilities financially responsible for never events (Ozan-Rafferty). As a result, physicians and hospitals have to pay for the care they provided, in addition to the errors that they encountered. If the insurers do this, it would bring the downfall of the entire hospital because there would be so much expenses that the healthcare facilities have to pay that it may not be able to pay for most of the debts that they have in the facilities. Motivating hospitals to ensure proper policy is followed can lead to a reduction on spending every year due to medical errors. Holding healthcare facilities responsible for
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