Never Give Up, Never Surrender Essay

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Once most men are broken they will stay damaged. It takes a rare figure to come out of the fire tempered to a stronger man. Socrates Fortlow is such a man, tempered by guilt, jail and a hard life to become a better human being. Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned by Walter Mosley shows some of the grit of humanity but some of the finest as well. The rooster, Billy, starts the novel and shows Socrates a last gasp can be your most important. As the book progresses, a job becomes a courtroom where Socrates fights for his right to work. Later when he must stop a pyromaniac, he forces himself to go against a lifetime of learned distrust and seek the police for help and justice. Socrates most telling and difficult challenge follows when he…show more content…
Anton Crier Asst. Mgr. upsets Socrates but he will not be denied a chance, “ ‘I came for an application.’ Socrates repeated ‘But I told you...’ ‘I know what you said. But first you looked at my clothes and at my bald head. First yo’ eyes said that this is some kinda old hobo and what do he want here when it ain’t bottle redemption time.’ ‘I did not...’ ‘It don’t matter,’ Socrates said quickly. He knew better than to let a white man in uniform finish a sentence. ‘You got to give me a application. That’s the law too’ (Mosley, 65) His time in prison had learned him about aspects of the law, Socrates knew the law because he had been part of the system for so long. He continued his fight knowing that he was right and just in his actions and wants. Through perseverance and more than a little stubbornness Socrates gets his job and proves that he is more than capable of handling it. He stood his ground in front of discrimination and succeeded. This gives him the confidence to pursue more challenges both in his own life and in others.
In the chapter entitled Firebug, Socrates must make an agonizing decision. After seeing Ponzelle Richmond leaving the vicinity of the latest blaze he follows him home and discovers evidence of him being the pyromaniac. The fact that people died in the latest blaze made up Socrates mind for him. He had to stop Ponzelle but going to the cops is a difficult decision for
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