Never Give up on Love in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

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A love that is lost and then regained. Separation and union, but Healthcliff never gives up on his love for Catherine. A yet tragic story that can explain by this character is full of bitterness and vein. That is how Mr. Lockwood comes to pity and understand Heathcliff. By hearing this love story that Aservant who has lived through it to see it all happen tell him. Thou this foreigner (Mr.Lockwood) is yet alike with Heathcliff because they both share the aspect of not being true people of Wuthering Heights; for they have both come from other city. But in this story we are taking beyond this to understand why Heathcliff is such way.

Lockwood is more social and is the person to start up the conversation. For example in the beginning when he first meets Mr.Healthcliff, “‘Mr. Heathcliff?’ I said. ‘A nod was the answer.‘Mr. Lockwood, your new tenant, sir. I do myself the honour of calling as soon as possible” I exhibit that even though Mr. Heathcliff is not being courteous ; Lockwood still insists and continues his conversation in wait for mr.Haethcliff to reply; and he maintains his manners. Other hand It shows how Mr. Heathcliff is antisocial, he has always keep to himself. From when he was a child . Thorought his live he only depended of two people the guy that adopt him and Catherine. ANdwhen he looses his love he just places himself in an outcast position. So much a that when an outside comes “Guests are so exceedingly rare in this house that I and my dogs, I am willing to
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