Never Giving Up Research Paper

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To attain what I want in life I have to stay focused, be consistent, and nevertheless to never give up. Having goals and wanting to better myself they all tie into this as well. It was not until I starting playing football that I realized to make it all the way to the NFL that I could not give up at all.
That’s when I had a goal for myself something to work towards. I have grown alongside these beliefs and it drives me forward even to this day. Not only does it help me alongside personal development but it makes my morals strong. Failure does not tend to discourage me but consistent failure or losing will get in my head and will really push me there. I’ve never been one to give up very easily whether it’s going against a bigger opponent or beating someone that is overall better than you. Having this mentality with me through life is a very useful it helps me get through tough times where I think I want to give up and all I do is grind right through it. This also helps me test my mental stability because with never giving up takes a
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He has a slogan, “If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you’ll be successful.” As well as another he says, “This is why I work, this is why I grind, this is why I hustle.” These slogans have been recently big reminders because I will get distracted along the way and lose sight in what is important so with these words I can stay focused and never stop grinding or slogging towards my goal. Never stop working, never stop pushing, and never stop believing that I can do it no matter what the cost. I still have a ways to go I have to train myself mentally and stop being so distracted with other things. But in the end I will achieve my goals because I still and aiming towards them and I will never give up until I have accomplish said goal and I can live with no
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