Never Let Me Go Literary Analysis

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Never Let Me Go literary Analysis

There are many important symbols In the novel Never Let Me Go by by Kazuo Ishiguro. Some of them include hope, growth and learning. But by far the most important symbol in this novel would have to be Love because if these clones weren't capable of love or if the guardians didn't love the children, then this story would be pretty short and boring. Love is one of the biggest motives for the majority of the plot points in this novel. There are many different types of love portrayed in this novel. defines love as a profoundly tender passionate affection for another person, A sexual passion or desire or a warm personal attachment or deep affection. Kazuo Ishiguro has throughly covered
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A spontaneous hug, a secret letter, a gift?” because these are traits of a parent or somebody that loves you. The biggest way that Miss. Emily showed her love for the children was when she lost her job for telling the clones the truth about what they were really created for in life and that is to be donors. If she didn't care about the clones then she definitely wouldn't have put her job on the line just to tell them the truth and she also wouldn't be an activist for treating the clones in more humane ways then they have in the past.

One of the most obvious examples of love in this story is between Tommy and Kathy. Ever since they were extremely young Kathy always looked out for Tommy in various ways. Such as reminding him to change his favourite shirt when he was playing so he get it dirty or rip it. She also explained to him that if he stopped throwing tantrums then the other kids would stop teasing him and playing pranks on him, this did wonders for his self esteem. Even when he was hopelessly worried about his elbow falling out of his arm because of a cut Kathy made a sling for him even tho she knew the other kids were just playing a prank on him. These are all examples of Kathy loving Tommy in childhood before they even know what love was. When they reached adult hood
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