Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

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Kathy is a carer for donors and she travels from care center to care center. She talks about her childhood at Hailsham and her childhood friends, mostly Ruth and Tommy, and the adventures she experienced. At the end of the book, we learn that Kathy lives in a world where her schoolmates and her are clones that are made for donating organs until they die or “complete.” They accept this fate without questioning it. Never Let Me Go takes place in England during the later 1990s. The clones spend the first 16 years of their life in Hailsham. They learn everything they need to know like English, science, music, history and math. However, they never mention Hailsham’s address or what city the school is located in. The school is a hidden gem and Kathy says “Driving around the country now, I still see things that will remind me of Hailsham. I might pass the corner of a misty field, or see part of a large house in the distance as I come down the side of a valley, even a particular arrangement of poplar trees up on a hillside. Then I see it’s impossible and I go on driving, my thoughts drifting on elsewhere.” Kathy could never find Hailsham. There were many majors events in Never Let Me Go. One major event in Never Let Me Go is when Madam came to visit Hailsham. The children would create something like a poem, story, or painting and Madame would collect the item and put into the gallery if it was good enough.…

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