Never Thought It Would Happen:

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Never Thought It Would Happen: Never Thought It Would Happen Randy Lee PSY -202 Daniel French February 20, 2012 Never Thought It Would Happen Never Thought It Would Happen This is amazing to me, Looking back over my life and to be where I’m at in life right know is a really good thing. Writing a letter for my Adult Development class, I’m in college this as taken my breath away. This is my story, a look into my life, past the present, and future. So get…show more content…
I remember one day I was standing on the corner, and a young man came up to me and said, Randy Lee. I admired you at one time, I use to love seeing you play football, know look at you. That hurt me so bad, and for the first time I can see the demons had taken control over my life. I finally move out the drug house and move in with my sister. She tried everything she knew to help me but was unsuccessful. I knew then I had to leave and not put her and the kids in harm’s way. I stole from Jamaican and everybody I can get over on, Years of my addiction had gone by and the streets were winning and I was dying slowly. I never forget, it was winter and I was Never Thought It Would Happen Sleeping in the junk yard, I heard a voice speak to me, it said do not let your soul die live. I never understood until a few days later, and we will get to that in the next few sentences. I got up that morning and started do what I always done, but this day felt so different form all the other days, something inside my stomach was hurting. That night I had smoke more crack then you can get, and that’s when my life change. I passed out woke up in the hospital with all these IV’S on me, my mother standing by the bed side. They had found me inside the apartment passed out. The doctor told me if they had not found me I would have died. That day August 19, 1991 I change my life I knew then what that voice had said to me to live and not die. I got save and gave my life to Jesus. I moved
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