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Never To Forget-

     The meaning of the title “Never To Forget” is very significant to the story of the Holocaust. The title simply means to forget what we know would not be human. It is very important that we never forget the Five Million Jews that lost their homes, property, freedom, dignity, and finally, their lives. We must always remember what happened to the Jews. Every time someone thinks of saying or doing something to a fellow human being we must remember the Holocaust. We must never forget to insure this will never happen again.      The book “Never To Forget” is Milton Meltzer’s true story of the Holocaust. It tells the story of when over Five Million Jewish peoples were
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It explains how laws against Jews prohibited them from being free and prosperous. The unit describes that in the period leading up to the Holocaust Jews were forced into ghettos, stripped of their human rights, and considered by the German government to be “sub-humans”.
     The Second Unit is titled “Destruction of the Jews.” It describes the infamous “Night of Broken Glass.” The night when Nazi storm troopers attacked Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues across Germany and murdered close to 100. The unit describes the herding of Jewish peoples to concentration camps. Meltzer vividly depicts the horrible acts of Adolf Hitler. Meltzer describes Hitler’s “final solution” that ended in the gruesome deaths of millions of Jews.
     The third and final unit in the book “Never To Forget” is entitled “Spirit of Resistance.” Milton Meltzer vividly depicts the way Jews stayed true to themselves and their religion during their greatest struggle. He describes the brave acts of certain Jews and Gentile. Strong faith and hope is the only thing that sustained the Jews as a people. Nazi-German Persecution of Jews

     After Hitler invaded Poland, the Einsatzgruppen, or mobile killing units, entered with one purpose to kill as many civilians as possible, especially Jews. There were four battalion-sized mobile killing units,

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