Never Underestimate the Power of Women

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Women have always been identified as the baby-makers, care givers, cooks, and devotees to men in society. In the inspiring novel of In the Time of the Butterflies, by Julia Alvarez, the audience gets to see the inequality between men and women in the Dominican Republic through the eyes of four main characters: Patria, Dede, Minerva, and Maria Teresa. During their time period, the Dominican Republic's government was a dictatorship, under the infamous leadership of Rafael Trujillo. Because of Trujillo, the society was shaped by his ideas and beliefs that were carried out by his strict laws. These four young girls, known as the butterflies of the book, broke free from these limitations from society in order to fight for what they believe in: equality for both men and women. In the Dominican Republic, women were viewed as submissive housewives whose duty was to please the men. The dictator, Trujillo, showed perfect examples of this belief, through his actions. The audience sees an emphasis in his womanizing performance when the Mirabal sisters were exposed to Trujillo's devious side. As the girls start to realize the truth about Trujillo, they find out that their highly admired friend, Lina Lovaton, has become his next victim. Minerva decides to ask her dad questions about their dictator and learns that "he's got many of them, all over the island, set up in big, fancy houses..." (Alvarez 23). Minerva becomes disgusted with Trujillo and how her poor friend was locked away and
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