Nevermore: A Narrative Fiction

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Nevermore Ding dong echoed vigorously through a miniscule village encompassed with hundreds of pounds of snow, trudging among its thin gravel roads, in front of its surrounding rustic, fragile homes, and around its arched, stone architecture that loomed across the center. The sound vibrated from a glimmering, porcelain, steel clock tower settled southeast of the neighborhood, its hands closed on a bold number twelve painted delicately above the pendulum. This curved, bulky pendulum then accelerated a swift swinging motion that quivered the enclosed town into deep silence. As soon as this thunderous rumble was emitted, narrow figures hastily dimmed lofty street lamps, and the low crunch of footsteps through thick snow suddenly diminished. The…show more content…
Wh-why’d you co-come here?” Leonard then sat in the other swing, arching at an obtuse angle. “It gets boring real fast.” He began to wheeze. “It’s also painful after a while. Don’t know if you’d understand. I mean, you don’t like football, do you?” While I was peering through my book previously, this inquiry suddenly heightened my interest in the conversation. “I actually really like the game. See,” I pulled a football strategy guide from my coat’s left pocket, “I just don’t like the noise.” “What’s that book you’ve got there?” Leonard asked. I passed him the novel. Hastily flipping through the worn pages, he grinned from ear to ear. “Haven’t read this one in awhile. It’s always been a favorite, though,” he exclaimed. We then discussed the book, from its humor that drove us to deep chuckles to its horror tales that provided us with insomnia for days. We perpetuated our conversation, which ranged on topics from tennis to art, until the sun faded down toward the sky’s metamorphosis into blurred, warm tints of crimson and orange. “Nice meeting ya, Dante. You know, you’re welcome at my house any time.” I shuddered upon hearing this invitation, my face turning pale and hairs on my neck standing like acupuncture
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