Neville Stalin Research Paper

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Born in Birmingham, England Neville Chamberlain born on March 18, 1869 into a family of 5, a very well known politicaly, family.Parents to Neville Chamberlain were Joseph and Florence Chamberlain. Chamberlain had three sisters and two half siblings. Chamberlain went to school at a school called Rugby School & Mason college. His father Joseph Chamberlain, was a prime minister whose place Neville took later on in life. Although Chamberlain never showed interest in politics he went far into them. After going thru his years of school and college Chamberlain went at age of 21 to the Bahamas to start and manage an estate up there for many years. While being one of the major leaders of his country he was a leader in the years that lead up to World War II. As his life was getting better in the year of 1911 he won an election which got him a spot into the Birmingham City Council along with getting married to his wife, Anne Vere Cole in the same year. Along with a marriage Neville brought two children into his life names Dorothy and Francis.…show more content…
Although after he gave him an agreement he soon turned against what he said. Neville Chamberlain is very well known for what he did which we call his appeasement toward Hitler and his group of Nazis. Neville Chamberlain and his partner Edward Daladier believed that if they accept Hitler's demand that they could avoid any riding war that may come up. Neville Chamberlain signed what is called the Munich Agreement which is where he gave up Czechoslovakia to Germany and their group of Nazis run by Adolf Hitler. After the Munich Conference Chamberlain returned back to England and stated “Peace In our Time”. Although there was a gain by Chamberlains country, Britian, there was also a gain to Germany but threw
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