New Advancements Of Renewable Energy

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New advancements in renewable energy are great ideas. However, while all the kinks of these new advancements are being worked out, global warming is still hurting the earth. So what do we do in the mean time? Several brilliant minds have been working on this. Instead of looking for entirely new advancements, they are taking what already exists and making it better. For example, burning coal in a cleaner manner. Coal is natural resource commonly used by many nations to support their power needs. Here are a few examples of how much people rely on coal: 93% of South Africa’s energy comes from coal, 81-83% of Poland and China’s energy comes from coal, and 38-39% of energy is from coal in the UK and USA (Coal Statistics). Coal is a major contributor to energy across the world, but it is also a major contributor to pollution due to the amounts of sulfur released into the air. Acid rain was caused by the high large quantities of sulfur in the air. This caused damage to many waterways and forests. In response to this revelation, many people are searching for ways to eliminate sulfur from coal. One way to clean coal is to crush it then wash it. Coal chunks are placed in a water filled tank. The coal floats to the top and the sulfur impurities sink to the bottom. New facilities all across the US focus on this task alone. They try to extract all of the sulfur before it goes up in a smokestack. Not all sulfur is this easy to clean however. Some coal has sulfur
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