New Age Of The Technological Gold Rush

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We’re fortunate to be living in the age of the technological gold rush. Every day, more and more individuals are leaving their jobs to either join or found their own tech start up or become a key member of one. Graduates are no longer waiting for employers to offer them jobs, they’re creating them, most importantly, and the new age entrepreneur is glorified through articles, shows and featured films. Simply put, it’s cool to be an entrepreneur.
Now let’s flip the script. According to Quartz (, of the 114 early stage start-ups at Y-Combinator, only 4% are African American founders. In addition, according to a CB insight study, only 1% African American led start-up companies are funded by venture capitalist in 2010. As a result of a lack of diversity, we have yet to see African American and other minority tech superstars.
It’s not like they’re not out there. However, the support system behind a minority based start-up is relatively miniscule compared to White, Asian and Indian based start-ups. We’re not encouraged to learn how to code, or we’re not thought how to run businesses in our schools. And our kids would rather become the next social media sensation as opposed to developing the next million dollar idea.
I believe that once there’s a solution that’s engaging, interactive, and transparent in its message and purpose, we will start to see more minority kids take an active interest in wanting to dive into the world of tech, and entrepreneurism in
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