New Age Spirituality in the Context of Western Esotericism Essay

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In researching for this essay, I encountered certain difficulties with the strict nature of classifying New Age spirituality and Western esotericism. As is the case with so many things in life, this issue is more complex than simple black and white comparisons. While the main purpose of this paper is to argue in favour of the ways in which these two systems are connected, I will be making certain concessions. One of the main problems presented by the study of these systems is how broadly defined they tend to be. The strict comparison would denote a clear understanding of what precisely defines these movements. However, as diverse of a range of ideas as is covered between the two, it's unclear that a decision had ever been arrived at for…show more content…
There are also those with grander ideas with socioeconomic implications leaning towards some kind of a unified world agency of almost paradoxical dichotomy: planetary culture without the cost of regional culture; integration of planetary world agency and regional bodies; emphasis on communication in technology and interharmony; relations between sexes would tend towards androgyny (harmony of opposites); increase of ESP and other paranormal phenomena; enlightened people. There is a strong emphasis on wholeness including diversity and individuality. "Humanity must become one large family, BUT one which honours diversity among its members; global wholeness implies some kind of world economy, BUT one which protects smaller regional economies; a global spirituality is needed, BUT one which is compatible with a diversity of traditional religions; and some kind of world government may be need, BUT not a totalitarian world order which can overrule regional governments and individual freedom." [1] It is often emphasized as a fault by critics who comment that it is an unrealistic matter of New Agers wishing to have their cake and eat it. The primary distinguishing feature that sets New age apart is in it's recent history. Overall, New age thinking is a response to the dominant ideas and

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