New And Exciting Technology That Is Becoming More And More Popular

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This Essay will cover new and exciting technology that is becoming more and more popular among the masses; Electric Vehicles. This essay will cover both hybrids and All EV 's or all
Electric Vehicles.

The Nissan leaf is currently the most popular EV. Styling-wise, they tried to appeal to the masses, but did so in a geeky sort of fashion (Nissan Leaf). . They included protruding LED headlights, but it does have the ability to fit five people (Nissan Leaf). . It is quirky, but not as visually appealing as other EV 's. What makes the Leaf appealing is its handling. Like most EV 's, the Leaf is very quiet (Nissan Leaf). Combined that with high torque from zero rpm, that is where the Nissan Leaf shines(Nissan Leaf). That is if you have a lead foot.

Another feature that is unique to this car is the fact that the batteries are underneath the seat (Nissan Leaf). This might not seem like a significant detail, but it is one of the reasons that the Leaf corners so well (Nissan Leaf). .

Now onto more of the technology that makes the Leaf so unique. The Nissan Leaf also has two battery choices. It has a twenty-four kilowatt-hours and thirty kilowatt-hours, each with their own efficiency and range numbers (Nissan Leaf). Now according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Nissan Leaf S model, with a 24-kWh pack, provides 84 miles of driving range on a single charge (Nissan Leaf). . The battery pack for the SV and SL models will come with the larger of the two…
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