New And Improved Philadelphi The City Of Philadelphia

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New and Improved Philadelphia Philadelphia is a place that is making enormous number of changes to make it a more diverse, innovative and safer place for people to live. Many people have helped this innovation and modernization happen with new restaurants, new buildings and safer living communities. People tend to think that Philadelphia is not as good as other cities like Boston or New York. Many people that have influenced Philadelphia are people that demonstrate a strong passion and have a personal attachment to this city. Stephen Starr, John Fry, Jim Kenney and Bart Blatstein illustrate and channel some individual visions and evolve the city of Philadelphia. The city of Philadelphia due to multiculturalism, innovation, modernization…show more content…
Stephen Starr is a strong advocate for the city and when he wants something to be done “he knows how to get it done” by this mentality it makes him an asset to the city and makes South Street a place that no one thought it could change into. Stephen Starr in multiple cities have created many different multicultural dining options to choose from Pod to Butcher and Singer. Stephen Starr in the beginning had complications with people thinking he stole ideas but in reality Stephen Starr created a massive repertoire of a diverse restaurants and many unique restaurant atmospheres. Stephen Starr demonstrates an influential person on the city and greatly influences the community with the strong economy. In creating many diverse restaurants, it creates places for people to eat creating a better economy and jobs. Stephen Starr is someone who diversified restaurants and helped transform the city like John Fry. The innovation and modernization in Philadelphia is making major transitions and improvements to West Philadelphia. John Fry is making living communities that promote safety, cultivating the community and improving the economy. John Fry has been a symbol of prosperity and made neighborhoods to be “prim and prosperous-looking, and have become so kid-friendly,” contributing to making Philadelphia more recognizable and promotes young citizens to explore the magnificent city (John Fry). John Fry helps facilitate younger citizens who are moving into the city where it is

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