New And Innovative Technology - Mhealth Or Mobile Health

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mHealth Authors: Yingjie Ma (628908), Wenyue Hu (628950) and Abhijeet Singh Madra (648859). Abstract: The report gives an insight on the new and innovative technology – mHealth or mobile health. Our report first gives a brief introduction of two pages on the topic. The next section is divided into three parts – 1. Potential of mHealth, 2. Case study and examples and 3. Issues, barriers and our study of a mHealth application. In the end, we give a conclusion and future directions. The references are also provided at the end. Introduction mHealth is an acronym for mobile health and is used for the practice of medicine and communal health aided by mobile devices. According to Kathleen Sebelius, US Health and Human Services Secretary, mobile healthcare (mHealth) is ʻthe biggest technology breakthrough of our time [being used] to address our greatest national challengeʼ. Worldwide, technology finally reached the healthcare agenda .The health-care industry is, indeed, revolutionizing, particularly primary care and chronic care management. Further, mHealth is transforming health-care in a personalized, participatory, preventive and inexpensive experience. Yet operational information about this developing technology is not spreading rapidly, and mHealth did not receive, until now, the attention that it deserves from consumers, providers and academic researchers. Moreover, much of the available articles in the public press about this technology are, unfortunately,
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