New Applications Of New Technologies

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Hotel industry has changed a lot in recent years and continues to change due to impact from technological boom we experienced in resent decades. New applications of theological inventions finding their way to hospitality market and used to help in providing better customer service and improve operations. Technology is proving to be a big difference in terms of winning new customers and creating a competitive edge. As technologies continue to evolve, so do the employees and guests continue to adjust to technologies incorporated into hospitality industry. Many systems require a great deal of training in order to be used successfully. It’s essential to have users in mind when rolling out new technologies to minimize training especially with customer facing services. The main objective of innovations should be to improve operations, guest service and revenues.
Included in my presentation is a discussion about the Information Technology. IT innovation are without of doubt are beneficial and have great potential in every aspect of hospitality operations. Interestingly, IT has minimized the human efforts in many levels in effort to improve the guest experience. Examples include, Express check In/Check Out, , internet check in/check outs, wake up system , electronic door locks ,in-room pay-per-view, electronic safe guards, express check-in/out systems, voice mails, multiple phone lines, electronic mini bars just to mention a few.
Perhaps the most interesting observation of resent…

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